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  1. Integration with social networking

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    To be or not to be: that is the question

    Social networking, such as Facebook and Twitter, changed the vision of digital marketing due to its viral and public qualities. For all its benefits and for all its reach, many say that companies’ presence in social networking is fundamental. To make the most out of this powerful resource (that increases traffic to websites, that enables targeted marketing campaigns, monitoring, brand awareness, market insight, etc.) it is not enough, however, to merely open an account. To effectively become involved in the social network arena, a specific plan must be designed for each different company.

    We offer:

    • Advice on organization and strategy to apply in social networking.
    • We develop any type of Facebook applications.
    • Integration of Facebook and Twitter with your site: We adapt these three spaces so that they can be managed from one place and in one fell swoop (photo gallery, events, etc.).

    And the list goes on…


    • Installing and managing campaigns becomes easy, quick and effective.
    • Homing in on your target audience.
    • Increasing traffic to your site.
    • Using social networking, (such as facebook and twitter), like viral marketing tools and reaching thousands upon thousands of people.


    1. We analyze the case of each company in particular;
    2. Defining the service that you need and the objectives to be reached;
    3. Developing and implementing the scheme; and
    4. We evaluate the results.
  2. Analytics and Monitoring

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    Many say websites are “virtual shop windows”.

    Imagine if you could measure how many people passing by the street look at the red dress on display, knowing where these people stopping to look come from, finding out which product made more people enter your store. Without a doubt, having this information will allow you to operate more efficiently, knowing how to administrate your shop, and even to define changes in your supply.

    Work dynamic.

    The only objective: conversion, conversion and more conversion.
    By using several sources of information we monitor the site’s activity and we suggest changes and improvements. Do you want to test the reception of a new product before launching it, or to stop receiving calls on queries you are not interested in? This is the solution. Internet alone can provide precise statistics on the use of a website and it would be a shame not to take advantage of this valuable information; after all, power comes with knowledge.


    • Direct content updates towards precise objectives.
    • Make your website effective.
    • Make the most of your website as a marketing tool.

    Work methodology.

    1. Analysis of the website’s traffic and activity.
    2. Defining objectives and solutions.
    3. Implementation and monitoring.
    4. Report + New objective.


  3. Digital Library

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    Digitization of documents and books.

    Digital Library:
    This development gives way to the future of libraries due to the enormous benefits it offers. Some of the advantages are: preservation of the original documents, immediate access for users, quick search of books and accessibility.

    Preservation of the original documents

    It prevents documents from wearing out and degrading in their daily usage.

    Worldwide access

    It enables access to the material from different geographical locations through the website, 24/7.

    AFA’s Digital Library

    The history of Argentine football now available to the whole world.

    Visit Site.

    Digital Books Set Up

    Optimization of digitized sheets by modifying color, size and file weight for a precise and quick visualization; giving the user the possibility of zooming in on texts and flick through pages interactively, for an agile and concise reading.


    The digitization of books is carried out through photographic sessions: this methodology minimizes the wearing out of the material when being digitized.

    Read more.

    Image Gallery

    Gathering all the images in the books also adding image descriptions. This enables image searches and increases interactivity.


    Indexes make it easier for digital library users to navigate through content, allowing searches to be performed by the words appearing in the list of contents.


    Development and web design of the digital library’s site. It incorporates Google Analytics in order to obtain statistics on library usage.

    Copies and Safeguard

    Book digitization protects and preserves the original material throughout time.


    OCR software enables text contained in digitized books to be recognized by the library website searcher and internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

    Advantages in Document Digitalization:

    • Preserves original documents from degradation.
    • Eliminates the risks of book theft and page destruction.
    • Original documents can be stored in safe places.
    • Original documents do not circulate internally or externally.
    • Documents can be consulted from different geographical locations.
    • Documents can be consulted simultaneously.
    • Avoiding costs and time derived from document transfers.
    • Saves physical space destined to paper storage.
    • Images can be printed with quality similar to that of photocopies.
    • Preservation of documents throughout time.
    • Availability of documents, 24/7, through the website.
    • Enables the sending of documents by e-mail and fax.
  4. Working with other Design Studios

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    We work as partners, taking each task as if it were of our own and seeking to understand and fulfill your clients’ needs.


    With this service, design studios and agencies can outsource projects at ease.

    • Easy Outsourcing.
    • Availability of hours per month.
    • Detailed summary of hours worked per week and month.
    • Lower price per package when hired.

    Sending invoice and summary:

    The details regarding worked hours are weekly delivered.
    The monthly summary is sent along with the month’s invoice (contracted hours + additional hours) in the last working day of the month.

    Detail of services comprised in working hours:

    • Design of every type of site.
    • Html formatting.
    • Flash programming.
    • Php programming.
    • Blogs design and set up.
    • Joomla portals.
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


    • A package of hours per month is agreed upon.
    • Weekly report on hours worked per project.
    • Monthly billing.
    • Monthly payment in arrears.
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