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UI / Web Care

Santander Rio

Building the UI for the largest Private Bank in Argentina.

Their search for innovation make us forget that we are working for a bank

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— The Digital Channels team took Bank Websites to another level. —

Argentina’s largest private bank
needs a major website
–actually, it needs two.


Over 500 pages, simultaneously speaking
to different target customers.

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Working in coordination
with several areas
and suppliers, providing
answers to different
levels of demands
and expertises.


Every inch of the website crafted to deliver
the right content to their more than 2.5 Million customers.

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The Challenge

The highest standards
of Interface development, performance, security & content management.

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— Building a solid structure —

Working with IBM and ISBAN on implementing a Wireframe structure to support all the different product areas.

Making it Responsive

Working side by side with creative agencies
Allowed us to consolidate a responsive UI
That is coherent with the rest of the website.

— Making it pretty —

Translate the hard work of top creative agencies into IBM’s WCM

We took ownership of the process, making sure everything was cohesive and presenting solutions for the hard work of Ogilvy, Soho Square, Agencia EGO and Mundo Buenos Aires.

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— Making it work —

Performance and analytics are key factors when analyzing the effectiveness of a website

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— Web Care—

Products and legislation
are constantly changing,
so is this site

Since its launch, everyday changes are made regarding different aspects: new Wireframes implementation, landing pages, responsive pages & new developments. We are a part of all of it, adding value, experience and hard work.

— Final Result —

A complex product
that is constantly changing
and speaks to large and diverse audiences

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